R.I.P.D : Movie Review

So I was told this was Men In Black for zombies – well it was exactly that. Granted they weren’t the typical Zombie types, but it definitely took que from a chapter of Men In Black. I wouldn’t necessarily say it was good or bad. It just was. Granted, there was very minimal marketing for … Continue reading

Now You See Me : Movie Review

I know it has been out for quite a while, but I have to say I was definitely surprised at the whole movie. It wasn’t overly good, but the story line was simple yet quite good at hiding the twist. The entire time I spent trying to look at the big picture so I didn’t … Continue reading

I Give It A Year : Movie Review

So although this an English romantic comedy, I have to say it was delightfully cute. Although extremely awkward, it was a different yet endearing romantic comedy. The plot was creative, and I enjoyed the double semi-traditional romantic comedy in one. It isn’t just about one side of the marriage going out and cheating, falling in … Continue reading

We Are The Millers : Movie Review

I’m a bit late on this review, but I’m having a hard time finding time to not only go to the movies these days, but write a review too. So – We Are The Millers – I went in thinking nothing but it is going to be funny. Hoping that it wouldn’t be one of … Continue reading

Wolverine : Movie Review

Like a lot of my reviews, I need to preface this with I am an X-men fanboy (or girl). I absolutely love the series and of course Wolverine is X-men. So my 10pm Thursday showing was the highlight of my week. Or so it would have been if the movie had played up to my … Continue reading

Pacific Rim : Movie Review

Pacific Rim, aka the movie about men in mechanical suits connecting with each other from a deep mind share fighting aliens that look like animals off the planet Pandora coming from under the ocean. Pretty much if you’ve seen transformers, Iron Man, Pandora, and Battleship you’ve seen this combo movie. Except they throw in a … Continue reading

Grown Ups 2 : Movie Review

So, take This is the End and add 20 years to it and you get Grown Ups 2. I went with my parents for my mother’s birthday and we were laughing non-stop for the entire movie. The stupidity of the plot was pretty on par with This is the End, but the humor was aged … Continue reading

Help the Shelter and Foster a Cat or Dog

Below is a list of featured pets that are available for foster or adoption at the West Valley Shelter 213-485-8405. If you or somebody you know is interested in fostering one of these featured pets, please contact the shelter directly at 213-485-8405 If you are not currently a foster parent and would like to become one, please visitwww.laanimalservices.com and … Continue reading

White House Down : Movie Review

Everyone says it is just the remake of Olympus Has Fallen (which unfortunately I could not review). However, I disagree. Yes it is pretty much the same thing, but unlike the Gerard Butler show, White House Down played up exactly the right assets the duo team of Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx. I feel that although the … Continue reading