Bye Bye Life

San Diego, seems so near and so far. A mere 130 mile drive, or more importantly 2.5 hours if you leave between the hours of 9am-11am or 1am-3am. My 1 bedroom apartment, my school, and my friends have dissipated in the rearview what seems like yesterday. It isn’t realistic to think that in the last two weeks I have moved on, that I no longer have homework to accomplish as I pile on work hours, nor that I know exactly no one in LA. However, it has happened. The city my parents have hated ever since well I’ve known them (aka. my entire life). Even I hate LA. Not just LA though all cities… San Francisco, New York, Paris even.. I’m a “near” city person. I wouldn’t classify it as suburban or even rural, I am definitely an urban girl, but the filth, traffic, and congestion has never appealed to my down-to-earth, high-heel-wearing, luxury-beach-town personality.

I’m not really new to starting over. Age 18- North Carolina for college, Age 19- San Diego for college, Age 21- LA for life. However, the difference is I had school where it almost forces friends as you live with at least one, and are stuck on campus with hundreds of other kids in the exact same situation as you. My journey to LA is different. I moved for work, to further my career in the amazing industry of media and advertising. Not that I am trying to isolate myself from those I work with, but it is week one and most are in different stages in their lives and living all over LA. You would think living 4 miles from someone would be ideal, but that 4 mile drive is closer to a 20 minute trip. It is truly a starting over experience. New apartment still a 1 bedroom, but with a massive walk-in-closet, a gourmet kitchen, and a dining room which I have coined “the entertainment room” and is lacking any resemblance to a dining room.

So, here it goes. Bye bye life, hello fresh.

Hope you join me for the journey!


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