Movie: The Cold Light of Day

Sunday September 16th

I was now sunburnt pretty bad. I looked like a tomato on the back half of my legs and randomly sprinkled on my back and my nose. No way am I able to go to the beach again. However, I didn’t want to stay at home either. I knew I needed to pick up packages, I ordered a new earring holder for my 66 pairs that I never wear, two belt holders for the 48 belts that I wear 25% of, and a back up drive so the next time my laptop crashes or is stolen, I don’t lose everything. I lost over 3,000 songs! It makes me want to cry. So if you have any songs you would like to share please email me. After picking up the packages, I decide to head down to Century City Mall where I can sit on their dinning terrace (yes for those of you non-LA people– food courts are called dinning terraces) and sketch / design shoes.

By 1pm I’m now at the mall where I proceeded to actually shop, but finally after 4.5 hours of waiting, shopping, and driving, I finally got to see the movie I wanted: The Cold Light of Day.

Quick synopsis:

Takenfamily style. or as states: “The Cold Light of Day tries its hardest to be Taken but fails.”

Well, basically Henry Cavill‘s character owns a business consulting firm that has gone bankrupt while he is on vacation with his family in Spain. He heads to shore after knocking his brother’s girlfriend to the floor because he was too busy to pay attention to the boats speeding by. When he returns, his family is gone. Somehow, they didn’t get his father (Bruce Willis), who is actually a CIA agent now on a search for a briefcase to get his family back. When Willis is killed off in the first ten minutes or so, he leaves Cavill to do all the action.

My review:

Pretty good. Besides the corny acting every once and a while, the action was pretty good. You can’t judge movies like this on their plot as much as the overall intrigue. It had the basic taken plot: Someone is CIA or M6 or another secret organization, your family is taken for something related to your last assignment or an assignment they want you to accomplish, you find out someone close to you is a traitor and not what they seem, you fight your way through to the eleventh hour, when all seems at a lost, you succeed and get your family back. Overall, this movie hits pretty much every one of those elements. I definitely would recommend it. Now, if you are looking for 100 twists and new things coming up and the son actually being CIA as well (which I thought would be the case), the movie isn’t that. However, if you like the basic kidnap style movies, this is great. Plus, it is set up to come out with a sequel, which is odd since the money spent to advertise the move was probably close to ZERO.


Entertainment Factor: 8/10

Acting Quality: 7/10

Plot: 6/10

Overall: 7/10


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