Weekend Home

Well, this last weekend I went home to spend some time with my good friend before her 29th birthday which will be this upcoming weekend. I had a great time with her as well as seeing my parents, my dogs, and a lifetime friend (literally since we were 4). We went on the boat, which was great and then out– of course. We haven’t gone out in a while. Granted the night before I left – so this last Thursday– I went out with people from work. It was a blast, and finally it felt as though I was making friends here in LA. I went home so I wouldn’t be alone another weekend (as well as for the BDay part). However, it seems like this weekend will be another weekend alone.

I don’t know if going home was the right thing to do with the whole starting over thing. I mean I’m trying to make friends, but it is starting to make me a little down on myself for not enjoying LA like I should. I also am hating the fact I haven’t worked out in a month & have totally blown any attempt at a diet goodbye with the constant feeding that goes on during my working hours (from MORNING TO NIGHT). I just feel like if I could figure out a set schedule and really get back to feeling in control it might help. Going home just seemed like an escape from the realities of what I’m facing here in LA. I hope this week / weekend turn out better.



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