Exploring Los Angeles

So, my goal since I have moved here has been to explore LA (and its surroundings). I have no ventured to West Hollywood, Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Malibu. There seems to be so much to do that I can’t even keep track. Unfortunately, you either have to have someone to do things with or have money to do them. This week has been less crazy with outings with work people. I’m not sure if I mentioned the amount of dinners/parties I “had” to attend :). Yesterday was a message (SO AMAZING) at a top spa, and tonight is another Oktoberfest.

I love getting out and exploring LA with my co-workers, but it seems like it never is ending. I have definitely lost time to work out and be healthy — I don’t get how people do this! I am working super hard lately, but I just don’t have the energy or really the time to work out except for on weekends. Which this last weekend I SLEPT the entire time from being so tired the rest of the week!

Anyways, all you LA folk out there — if you have any suggestions of things to do that are cheap / are things to do by myself, let me know! I might start a wall of “Bucket List in LA,” so PLEASE help me start adding to it!

Talk soon ❤


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