New Movies: Flight

So, I don’t know about you, but I have started seeing billboards of a new Denzel Washington movie Flight. First, I thought of course I’m going to go see it– it has Denzel in it. However, I realized that although it has a great actor and is produced by the same people as Forest Gump and Cast Away, it doesn’t mean it will be good. The fact that I’ve not seen a single trailer or heard anything about it, and the billboards only feature Denzel and the name of the movie, was to me a warning sign. They don’t want people to know about the movie– just go because how could Denzel make a bad one?

Well, I watched the trailer today, as well as a trailer for Argo, and I do have to say it sounds like a great movie. I am still nervous that it is one of those trailers that takes every good part of the movie and showcases it, but it intrigued me.. what happened to the pilot? Did he go to jail or stay a hero?

What do you think? Will you go to see it or do you think the lack of availability for a Nov 2nd movie a warning? I do have to say there are three more weeks in their flight (yes I’m in media), so they have some time to make a splash & hopefully for them – it works.

Official movie website:


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