My New-Self Plan

As I have been in LA, I haven’t really had the best opportunities to be the healthiest and best me that I can be. I’ve been getting less sleep, have not been working out, been drinking more (from going out more often), and starting to care less about how I dress due to my exhaustion and lack of feeling beautiful and sexy. I think it is everyone’s job as a female to feel this way. Anyways, in order to counteract this, I’ve decided to create a new self-plan.


  • Exercise
    • 30 min in the morning before work at least TWICE a week
    • 30-45 min during my lunch break at least THREE times a week
    • 30 min at night EVERYDAY
    • 1 hour on Saturdays
    • 2 hours on Sundays
  • Style
    • Focus on dressing nice each day
    • Working on fitting new pieces into my wardrobe
    • Taking new pieces and refreshing them with accessories and other pieces
      • I will do a weekly style guide for everyone– it will be hosted on a second tab on my blog
  • Social
    • Going out with friends at least twice a week
    • Only having two drinks when out (there is no reason to get drunk & I don’t need the calories)
  • Relationships
    • Not giving all my free time to new/old guys
    • Trying not to move too fast into relationships
  • Career
    • Focusing on my current job & making sure I do it well
    • Design more shoes for my own collection (I already have 20 pairs designed)
    • Create a career timeline (realistic & dream)

Do you guys have any self-plans or goals? Any thoughts or suggestions about my categories?


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