Update on life, 70 hr work week, and starting over

I am sorry that I’ve not written in a while. I have been traveling & working. I know it isn’t a good excuse, but let me use last week as an example: I worked until midnight every night (starting work at 8:30-9AM). I haven’t been good on working out like my plan said I would. I really tried at first, I went to the gym at least 3 times a week. I didn’t do any morning work outs & sadly no evening ones either.

I have started over though. I’m trying something a little different now– it is a “modified” paleo. We will see how it works. In regards to the rest of my plan:

  • Style – I tried for the first few days & tried to take pictures, but then I just thought I couldn’t pull it off & went back to my normal outfits.
  • Relationships – well all the guys previously blogged about are no longer. I mean Bobby is still around ISH, but I’ve written him off pretty much. There may be potential new ones, but this time I won’t let you know what happens until date #3 as I’m tired of jinxing it. Please, correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t you feel like when you talk about people you are interested if it doesn’t work out, it is like you jinxed it?

New workout motto:

Anyways, that is my update. I did go to the movies this previous weekend and saw Flight, so expect a review shortly.


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