Life of Pi : Movie Review

I’m not sure if you are one of the few people who didn’t go see Life of Pi this Thanksgiving weekend, but I must say it was probably the most interesting and different movies of the year. I went into the movie not knowing what the movie was even about. I never read the book. I just saw the trailer and thought it would be interesting something like a never-land atmosphere. However, when the ratings started to hit my Flixster app, I knew if users and critics rated it at 95%, it had to be a must see.

My mother and I went, not knowing what we had signed up for. The in and outs of present normally don’t sit well with my mother and myself– it is like taking a break in the middle of the best book you’ve ever read. You want to keep going. However, this flowed flawlessly. The videography alone was amazing, but not once did either of us doubt the story line’s truth until the end. Which version did you like best? I couldn’t believe he’d survive 227 days by himself without the company of the Tiger. They were moving their zoo– of course the animals were trying to survive as well.

What was unclear until that moment was the questions about believing in God and his path through religion. I wasn’t sure how it all tied in. My family isn’t religious, but the last scene (which I don’t want to ruin for those of you who are going to see the movie) made total sense. Not that it changed our minds, or really gave us thoughts on how we see the world or religion, but it made sense and left us thinking even for those moments. Did he survive with the tiger or was he out there alone changed by death and starvation into one himself?


Entertainment Factor: 9/10

Acting Quality: 8.5/10

Plot: 9/10

Overall: 9/10

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