Life Over Thanksgiving

I know I haven’t written in a while. I keep thinking about all I want to share, and then get to busy to press the “New Post” button. I was so much better at this in San Diego– I had years of posts ready well only one I guess.

Anyways, in ways of my life, I have really attempted to stick with my New Plan. Unfortunately, it really hasn’t been too great. I’ve had pretty much no time to work out- I now shoot for just twice a week. As my weekends lately have been taken up with either recovering from my long work week or taking my dog on trips. My mother has been visiting for the last three weeks, to help me with regaining my grip on a healthy routine and of course I made her bring my puppy- MJ or Buba as I call her.

Otherwise nothing new.. I haven’t even sketched or bought a new pair of heels in over a month and a half. Maybe that’s why my life seems to be sideways and stalling 🙂


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