Red Dawn : Movie Review

To all of you Chris Hemsworth fans, you must see Red Dawn. Ok, I take that back… to all people who like a good movie with a decent plot and good fight scenes, you must see Red Dawn. I know the critics out there have rated this movie bad. I also know a few friends of mine who also could care less about the set up for a Red Dawn 2 (although after critic reviews, I doubt there will be one). Lets just say, I went to Red Dawn because 1) I love action movies 2) I am in love with Chris Hemsworth – his acting and his gorgeousness 3) I needed something to do and what better to do on a cold rainy day then see a movie?

Red Dawn’s cast isn’t that great. It has a few actors that are slowly breaking out in their careers, but as the main league of Wolverines are mostly teenagers, it would be easy to say their acting careers haven’t been filled with Blockbusters. However, Chris Hemsworth not only leads the band of teens against North Korea, but in their acting as well. I also love the added bonus of the gorgeous Irish man in P.S. I Love You no not Gerard Butler, but Jeffery Dean Morgan.

I was throughly shocked and upset at the death of Jed Eckert (Chris’ character) at the end. I always like a twist, and I feel like the story benefited from his death. They must keep fighting no matter who they lost along with Matt’s now need to step up to lead his peers. However, I will miss Chris both his looks and his acting if they do come back with a Red Dawn 2. 

For all of you out there who think it has nothing to do with 2012, you are right. However, it is called Hollywood for a reason. It doesn’t have to do with 2012- it is a movie. If you go see a sci-fi do you blame it for not being relevant to todays life? I mean the Lord of the Rings series is nothing close to reality. Let a movie stand for what it is, go for the acting, the excitement, and the plot. Don’t judge it for being unrealistic- switch Iraq for North Korea and Russia for some other power hungry country, and you never know.

That being said, I definitely think you should make a trip to the theaters for Red Dawn. If you aren’t sure about it and don’t want to spend the money- go to the Matinee it will be well worth it.


Entertainment Factor: 8/10

Acting Quality: 7.5/10

Plot: 7.5/10

Overall: 7.5/10


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