Rise of the Guardians : Movie Review

Ok.. who here is not a fan of fairy tales and holiday themed movies?

Well for all of you who raised your hands or said “me,” don’t see this movie. For everyone who is too embarrassed to admit it- rent it. For everyone else, go see this movie. It isn’t full of much depth and is definitely aimed at the young of age, but it is adorable. Everyone needs some holiday spirit every now and then, and not every movie you go see has to have such depth and twists and turns. This movie was different than other holiday movies, where the main character was not Santa Claus but Jack Frost, the fun in all of us. Who has more fun than an entire season of skiing, snow ball fights, snow days, etc? It is this fun that is in the center of all of us that can help us scare off the Boogie Man.

Each fairy tale character has its purpose, but Rise of the Guardians features Jack Frost the scary villan in Frosty the Snowman and the Santa Clause movies, but here he’s the lost innocent boy coming into his own after 300 years of being invisible. He is the one who interacts with the kids rather than lavishing them with gifts and bribes throughout the year. It is this every day joy that saves them all in the end.

Like I said, it isn’t deep, it isn’t thought provoking  but it is a great holiday movie with a twist on the every day stories of these bigger than life characters. And yes, I went to see this by myself surrounded by what felt like 100 little kids, so if I can do it all you other holiday animated movie lovers can do it too.


Entertainment Factor: 7.5/10

Animation Quality: 8.5/10

Plot: 7/10

Overall: 8/10


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