New Hair for a New Life

So last weekend I decided to get my hair cut – I wanted a new style, but not too many inches off. What types of style can someone with long hair get? Not many. So I went just for some wispy bangs and long layers. It takes me two hours to finally find a salon, I go and it is actually nice.

I’m being daring and sit down “I’m wanting something like this: (I show her a picture of LONG layers)”

Her: “So maybe 4 inches?”

Me: “How about more like 2?” knowing as every woman does, they never cut EXACTLY what you want. They always end up doing more because apparently for every inch you really mean you want two.

Her: “Okay”

We proceeded to wash my hair and get ready for cutting. I stupidly say that my hair grows really fast after she spent a few minutes complimenting me on how beautiful and healthy my hair is.

Her: “Oh, so why not 3 inches?”

Me: “Okay fine.”

First cut… 4 inches.. knew it. Layer one bye bye 2 inches.. Layer two.. and another 2.. Final touches and 1 more… Oh it looks maybe like 6 inches taken off.. no worries it will grow in a month. I get home and look at pictures.. OMG WHAT HAPPENED! 8 inches or so later! It is so short. I miss my hair..

Well, to everyone else, my hair is still long, so to me it is super short and I no longer feel sexy or as gorgeous as I did. However, I do like the style & she cut it very nicely.

Judge for yourself:

photo 2

photo 1


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