The Hobbit : Movie Review Romance

All I can say is wow. First, I was in the most amazing place to see it – a new AMC Dine-In Theater across the street from my apartment. I was cuddled up for winter, had a great steak dinner with mashed potatoes and green beans, plus a big comfy armchair reclining all the way back. Besides my distraction of a cute boy sitting in front of me I was in paradise. The long movie seemed to fly by in this paradise of a setting. I’ve never been a Lord of the Rings follower. I read the Hobbit and one of the other books when I was in 5th grade, but could make it through the last two movies of the trilogy. However, being the sci-fi action loving person I am, I had to go to the Hobbit. Wow.

The acting was amazing I couldn’t tell that I wasn’t right there with them watching an alternate universe, well besides the muscular arm from the gentleman in front of me as he constantly stretched and shifted. However, what was even more amazing was the graphics, color, and filmography of the movie. It made the show captivating in amazing colors and visuals. Now, I didn’t go to the 3D version as I heard  it made viewers nauseated and I already don’t like 3D movies.

The only negative to me is the fact they made this into a trilogy of itself. I know Hollywood is greedy and wanting to make money, but they didn’t need to drag it out, as there were a few points in the movie that were unnecessarily long. However, this didn’t fully bother me as I didn’t feel like I was watching something that would never end, if anything I didn’t want it to stop. So, bring on Hobbit 2!


Entertainment Factor: 9/10

Acting Quality: 9.5/10

Plot: 9/10

Overall: 9/10

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