My Guilty Pleasure : The Bachelor Week 1

So, I have to say I’ve never watched the Bachelor before – I feel in love with the Bachelorette on Ashley & JP’s season <3. However, I decided to give Sean a chance. 1) He is gorgeous 2) He actually seems sweet and 3) Why not add one more show to my Monday night schedule?

So, everyone knows how this is already going to go. They do a few minutes of Sean’s heartbreak, Sean’s home life, what Sean wants in a relationship, and Sean preparing for the first night (running, weights, hiking, etc). What I think was probably the most gut wrenching awkwardness of the entire show was these introductions. I sat watching with my jaw dropped half the time. Granted, I’m single, awkward and not very creative with “memorable” introductions. BUT I think it is safe to say I wouldn’t do blackflips in a gown, wear a gown without heels (unless I’m in my house), wear a WEDDING dress on the first meeting or kiss him on the lips after knowing him all of a second, or pull out a tie from my cleavage & proclaim my love for 50 Shades of Gray. Although some of the girls were less crazy, does not mean the introductions weren’t probably the most awkward moments of the show – well until 50 Shades decided to crash Paige (previous Bachelor Pad contestant & JUMBOTRON Operator) one-on-one time. I think every person watching knew that this was probably going to be the most entertaining interaction of the evening. I’m surprised Sean didn’t blow his rape whistle and of course probably the best line of his of the night she was pretty “50 shades of drunk.”

As the night goes, he hands out roses to those on the one-on-one’s which infuriates the other girls. I’m sorry – I know you are there for a rose, but come-on. It doesn’t matter if it is a “first impression rose” or the “first rose.” She has one. You don’t. Maybe try not to be 50 shades of crazy or a wasted bride. 

Alright, so here are the ones I do like:

– AshLee – the personal organizer (although I doubt she will make it, she seems nice)

– Taryn – yes she needed to get her a** up and actually introduce her self, but I think she has potential.

– Lesley – I thought the football intro (although a little weird) was a good idea. Just because it didn’t really work out doesn’t mean it wasn’t a cute effort. 

– Amanda – The “Fit model” I’m not really sure what that is, but she is cute & seems nice. 

– Catherine / Desiree – These girls seem to be the MOST NORMAL girls on the entire show. What do they have in common – well – real jobs, brown hair, and a sweet disposition (no craziness for anyone to gossip on).

My girl for the win: TBD. I’m still deciding! maybe Sean will marry me 🙂


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