New Year : New Resolution

Hi Everyone,

I’m sorry for neglecting you all. I have been busy trying to keep up with my new year resolution. Like everyone this time of year, I made a resolution. However, as most have you witnessed, my resolution started with my New Plan a few months ago. Well, now it is time to be 100% good about it & really go full force into the new plan.

For those of you who don’t know – My goal is to be healthier & have a better work – life balance. There is still an overhanging issue of me wanting to have a romantic/dating life, but until then, my goal is just to keep focused on working out, dieting, and creating closer bonds with my current friends.

This week started the first week of my friend and my workout schedule. Yep, I’m actually trying to work out with a friend. I’ve always been one of those who takes work-outs as something solo. It decreases competition & I can go on my schedule & how I’m feeling. However, I decided 1) It will help build our friendship 2) I’d be FORCED to keep the schedule and 3) I will lose weight/get fit. So that is my resolution – no “I want to loose x lbs,” “I will work out x times a week,” nor “I will only eat ___.” I don’t think those ever work and I always feel so guilty or pressured to stick to a schedule. I’ve learned my body doesn’t work like others when it comes to working out/eating healthy. So why force myself?

Anyways, I will TRY to keep you guys up to speed on what is going on – my movie reviews like always, TV shows I’m now in love with, My guilty pleasure of the Bachelor :), and of course my non-existent love life.

PLUS – it is 2013 & 13 is my LUCKY NUMBER ❤


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