First Morning Workout

Today was my first morning workout. Yes, I actually got up at 6am (for those of you who think that is normal. I usually am up around 8). I thought I’d be dreading it, but I guess falling asleep at 8:30 at night worked in my favor this time.

On my way to the gym I was half asleep with no contacts & it was still dark outside. To be honest, I didn’t think I’d make it with no brain or eyes functioning, but I did. 15 minutes early on top of that. My friend (lets call her Cha Cha) called me as I turned in saying she would be there in about 20 or so minutes. Good – gives me time to wake up so I’m not the slowest person in the entire gym. When I get in EVERY treadmill is taken. EVERY bike is taken. What is left? The elliptical – one of my favorite machines actually because I don’t have to go super fast to get a burn & I’m able to keep a jogging pace for the entire time.

By the time Cha Cha got to the gym, I had done 20 minutes & ellipticalled my way to 2 miles! Something of an accomplishment when I could hardly walk to the locker room because I was still waking up. When she got there, I was planning on moving over to the treadmill to do some actual running, but there weren’t any. So I stayed & pumped out another 2.5 ish before our time was up & we had to head on in for showers.

Anyways, the lesson of the day – morning workouts aren’t as bad. I’m already awake for work, I was early to work & I feel 10 pounds lighter. Ok – not really but I definitely feel more confident this morning. Just for next time, I plan on packing the night before given the fact that I forgot a bra this morning out of all things to forget. So glad Cha Cha had an extra and fit enough for me to get away with it given I’m wearing a over-sized blouse.



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