Vacation Searching

So, it is about that time to start searching for a vacation. Last year’s Europe trip was amazing & now that I don’t have to worry about school, I’d love to take another vacation. However, the problem is having people to go with. One of my good friends from work is willing to go with me on different places, but I hate being let down & I really want to get planning and go already.

Honestly I sometimes think I’m in the wrong profession. I would love to be a travel planner/organizer – too bad they make NO money & internet has almost replaced them. I’m really good at finding super nice places for relatively inexpensive. Or combining packages to make them work for our budgets. The only problem is, I’d like for two of my friends from Canada to go with us, but one doesn’t want to do something “normal” (aka. a Cruise), and the other is 19 :(.

The good news – I figured out was that if my friend from work comes on the cruise, the 19 year old can go 🙂 YAY! However, because people like “WAITING” I’m stuck with all these ideas watching prices continue to rise as we get closer to our June sail date. Assuming of course that is what we end up doing. If I could do anything, I’d do another trip to Europe. Although I REALLY enjoy cruises (even though I’ve been to the same spots quite a bit). The all inclusive fun type of thing works for me.


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