The Bachelor Week 2: Romance Photo Shoot

Hey Everyone –

Sorry my recap on the Bachelor is a little late, but here are my thoughts on this week’s round of one-on-one dates (He had one with Sarah & Desiree) and the group date – the romantic pictures for the cover of Romance novels.

1) I LOVE Desiree – if she doesn’t win I’ll be so sad. She is genuine & real & can handle a joke – even if it was a bit cruel for a first date.

2) I thought Leslie’s second “talk” so she could kiss him was a bit weird. Granted – I really do like her, but seriously girl – that whole scene of them talking just had AWKWARD printed across the screen! However, she won him over in the photoshoot – who knew she’d be so sexy in cow-gril get up?

3) TIERRA – can I slap you?

4) Kacie – I am secretly pulling for her & at the same time you already had your chance with Ben!

5) Sarah – she is sweet but annoying & I’m not sure why- she just gets under my skin

6) Taryn – she is in my final 4 pick, but I still haven’t seen ANYTHING with her in it… can you please start doing something?

7) Amanda – really don’t like her..

8) Kristy – WOW you won a modeling date.. I wonder why – OH! you are a model at ford..


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