Playboy Mansion & Magic Castle

So I officially love my job. This week on Tuesday I was invited to a Parker screening at the Playboy Mansion. The Mansion was amazing – I almost considered switching careers so I could live there, but then was told they don’t even live there – well and I remembered what they do for a living. Anyways, I was able to go and take a tour. I meet three bunnies (pictured below – Raquel – she is absolutely amazing!, Alana – I didn’t really get to talk to a bunch, but she seemed super sweet and fun, and Nikki – an amazing singer, kick ass female, and just full of life) who were amazing! I know they are people just like actors (who I also met a few of), but it is hard to believe you can have normal conversations and their personalities are just as bubbly or normal as well me / my friends. It was a great experience – especially seeing the exotic birds, monkeys, oh and THAT POOL!

Parker movie screening at the Playboy Mansion


The next day, I was invited to a dinner at the Magic Castle. For those of you who don’t know what that is – like me. It is one of the top (if not number one) magic clubs in the world. It is an exclusive club with a very dressy dress code in which you can wander the halls and watch magic shows while drinking at the various bars (which there are a lot – one in every room) and then of course dinner. I have to say it was an experience! The piano even plays any song you ask for. Talk about verbal recognition – I mean what a brilliant ghost 🙂

Anyways, two items on many people’s bucket list – and they got checked off in one week!

I wonder what will be next! 🙂



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