The Bachelor: Week 3

Oh, lovely reality TV. This week on the Bachelor, Sean went on two one-on-one dates & a beach volleyball group date. Kaci B got kicked off for pulling OTHER girls’ drama into her one-on-one time with Sean… REALLY!? are you CRAZY! Yes your thoughts of “Sean hates drama” is right, but it isn’t any of your business so butt out! The date with Leslie was awkward from a viewers’ standpoint. No offense but that kiss looked unattractive and just boring! The other one-on-one date with Ashley was super sweet. Sean won me over with bringing two best friends who’ve never met together.

Thoughts on the girls:

1) Desiree- LOVE LOVE LOVE – I have her to win

2) Tierra – still super annoying. can’t even express how frustrated she makes me – I literally am yelling at Sean to RUN. I mean the girl falls down the stairs & doesn’t go to the hospital so she can capture one on one time.. fine but obviously you didn’t actually FALL down the stairs.

3) Sarah – OK.. how cute was that – sean brought her dog on set so she could see her baby & then proceeded to PLAY with the dog – WINNER!

4) Ashlee – I really liked her. I’m glad I got to see her in a less fierce atmosphere

5) Lindsay – SO SHE ISN’T CRAZY!

Honestly, that is all I really got from this week – that and all the girls were going after Sean like he was the only piece of meat in the entire world and they haven’t eaten in a year.


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