Dating New Workouts

So I am sorry if this title is a little weird, but I read this article in Shape or Fitness magazine about this woman who moved from NY to LA to be with her long term boyfriend. She related that compromise to her nightmares with exercise and the commitment it takes to work out. She said she started dating around going to various workout classes with friends “dating” around until she got serious with one class – Pilates. I took this article to heart and decided to mix up my workouts a bit by choosing some new workouts.

My first step – getting online. Yep, I went online and searched Groupon for some workout class deals. Yoga, Pilates, Circuit, etc. When I came across this class called Pop Physique. It is a ballet, pilates, light weight combo.

Second step – signing up. I bought 5 classes for $30 which is about $70 discount.

Third step – Going! I went to the first class on Saturday and loved it. It didn’t really get me working cardio wise, but my legs and arms were burning after wise!
I also had another first date with a class called Circuit Works yesterday. This is where you alternate between 10 weight stations and cardio (bike/treadmill). All I have to say is can I please go on a second date? It may be love. I’ve decided to try again, but the worst part is the cost. I can’t believe these all cost so damn much.

Next on my list? I have a second date with Pop Physique and a 1st date with SoulCycle and CoreFusion Yoga (or something like that) the next few weeks. I’ll keep you updated if any get serious 🙂

P.S. It is my birthday Friday!




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