Birthday Bliss

Friday was my birthday & I was a little worried about it. Normally, I end up celebrating on my own. Last year was my 21st and my closest friend threw a party that ended up being more for my under 21 friends (I was the 2nd in my group to turn 21). This year, two of my good friends from work got together to plan everything. We had dinner at Benihanas in Santa Monica, which I haven’t been to since I was like 12. Then we headed out to 31Ten for some drinking and dancing.

I wore a long sleeve lace top with just a nude slip underneath. People thought I wasn’t wearing anything under (the point). With a black tight pencil skirt with a gold zipper up the back. It was classy but super sexy and I felt tiny (it’s from all that running and class dating!). I had seven guys approach me where two were fighting over me and then I ran into my neighbors. I had wanted them to come out since I’m in love with his dog and he is pretty cute himself, but I never ran into him. Well until 1am. We exchanged numbers but that was about it.

Overall it was a great bday and Saturday was pretty good too. I’m used to being upstaged by Super Bowl Sunday, but it’s a pretty good present that SF is in the bowl and a better one if they win (cross fingers!) I love the commercials this year- well mostly just the Taco Bell one.


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