Hansel and Gretel: Movie Review

Hansel and Gretel, the classic tale with a new twist. This movie got a lot of negative feedback on the cheesiness of the classic tale with a new twist concept, and of course another Fairy Tale concept. I’ve been excited for months to see this movie. when I finally went and saw it, my hopes were a little flattened. The acting was just mediocre, and the overall plot was not as great as it could have been. The obvious twist of Gretel being a witch herself was a great, but obvious as it took about 20 minutes to figure out. The movie was basically filled with all action, and not as much plot development as needed, until of course we learn of Gretel’s secret.

The brother and sister end up at a town where they are trying to hunt down witches who are stealing children. They start by rescuing a young maiden who is charged with witch craft. Little do they know, they do free a witch, but a “good” witch. They then continue to hunt down the witches through the nearby forest, known witch territory. Hansel and Gretel become separated from each other, and of course have to end up meeting at their old house, where they learn their mother was a witch. The cheesiness only continues at the very end the story. It has now come in full circle – back to the candy house, where they must defeat the evil witch before teaming up with a young town boy and ogre to hunt down evil witches around the world. The writers throw in a little romance which is short lived and relatively insignificant. Overall, it is a good PPV movie, but I wouldn’t waste $12 on a movie ticket.


Entertainment factor: 6/10

Acting quality: 6/10

Plot: 5/10

Overall: 6/10

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