The Following – in for the long haul?

So I assume many of you watch the following the new Monday show from Fox. I am addicted, but at the same time I have yet to decide how I feel about it. The idea is interesting, but can it really continue on for multiple seasons? I know you should watch shows purchased the season series itself, but I always look towards the future can I keep me watching this more than one season. I kind of wanted to write this post not to recap on this weeks episode, but more to see what other people thought of the show. Granted each episode seems to be about the same – one of the the followers which seem to only be about five people so far do something to harm Kevin Bacon’s character – physically or mentally. If anything they focus on the threesome (almost literally) building between Joe’s son’s capturers. How did these people find one another, and does this type of thing really exist? I am disappointed that someone who can’t kill someone would want to be a part of such a disturbing group, but at least they aren’t giving up on him and instead both enjoying him. Yes, I have a feeling this goes beyond a full clothed shower hug. As far as Kevin Bacon’s character goes, I have a weird sense of uneasiness. They have thoroughly developed Ryan, yet I feel like he isn’t a main focus – even though the irony is that Joe does everything in spite of him to punish him.

Anyways, thoughts on the series?


2 thoughts on “The Following – in for the long haul?

  1. I really like it so far but i don’t know how they’re going to continue it throughout the seasons, like i can only really see this storyline going until the end of this season. how can they have 4 seasons worth of a cult from this one guy? but i thinks its interesting. I am in love with nico tortorella though. I will keep watching this show as long as he’s on it haha. You said jim in your post but i think you meant ryan? I want to know how joe has such a big following and why these people worship him, i think we’ll find out as the episodes go on since they do flashbacks.

    • You are completely right. Except I said the same thing about Prison break and look how long that ran. I guess we will just wait and see. And I did say jim although I think I meant him. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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