A Good Day to Die Hard : Movie Review

Valentine’s Day – the holiday I think is the least important and most waste of money. However, it is usually a great week to launch chick flicks, such as Safe Haven. When else can girls not have to twist their boyfriends’ arms to take them to a romantic movie. On the other hand, it happens to also be a great time to release the next movie in the Die Hard series. I have always loved the Die Hard movies, but Bruce Willis has been less than outstanding in his recent movies. This Die Hard not only had a sexy new McClane played by Jai Courtney, but a pretty good plot with a good balance between twists and explosions.

Bruce Willis travels to Russia to save his son Jack from what he thinks is a life gone wrong starting as a juvenile delinquent. When within the first five minutes he runs into his son’s CIA covert operation. No matter how good the action and special effects are, it does not mean there weren’t a handful of cheesy scenes and lines. The combination between John & Jack, cop & CIA agent is a perfect blend. I almost think they waisted Jai on the next Die Hard star when they should have used him as the next James Bond. He’s a great actor, gorgeous, and a kick ass fighter. In the end, I vote go see it! It was great an amazing way to spend my Valentine’s Day.


Entertainment Factor: 8/10

Acting Quality: 6/10

Plot: 4.5/10

Overall: 6/10

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4 thoughts on “A Good Day to Die Hard : Movie Review

    • Well critics don’t always look at the entertainment value. The cheesiness did come through & the story curve starts close to the climax and just sustains then the resolution is quick, but it was great.

      • Just saw it today and will be posting my review tomorrow on my site (www.vlizz.com). I do agree with you it was very entertaining. I definitely enjoyed it and the story was terrible lol. The bad guy dancing was the point where I was like: ok this story cant get any worse, but the action was pretty BA

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