My Workout Romance

So my love story continues. About a month ago now – I can’t believe it has been that long already – I got the opportunity to try soul cycle. It was my first date and it went well. This last Tuesday was my second date and I’m like a school girl giddy with excitement for my next class. On Wednesday, I was lucky enough to get to go to Cycle House. My thoughts going in was it was like the cute guy you met the weekend after your first date that you are going out with only as a backup. However, it only made me want to go back to Soul Cycle. Not because it wasn’t a great class, but it was like the date that just proved my new crush on cycling. I can’t stop.

Today I scheduled my third Soul Cycle class for tomorrow. I have been searching for more classes to continue the dating cycle. In Brentwood, there is a cycle house called Kinetic cycle which has first classes free. My new found love made me schedule it for tomorrow after my Soul Cycle. I found out I have 9 more free classes at CircuitWorks (a previous date earlier in January) – super excited! And I scheduled my third of 5 classes for Pop Physique.

Anyways I’m excited for my week of classes & I will keep you updated on the only dating that is actually occurring in my life.


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