Volunteering for Puppies

Today was my orientation for LA animal shelter. I’m super excited to give back to the community which saved my lives – the community of pets. A few years ago – maybe closer to three and half now – I went through a difficult time. There were a lot of factors, that I’ve worked hard on putting behind me as well as learning and growing from. However, my dogs were what saved me. I’ve always had animals growing up my eldest dog is 14 and she wasn’t even my first pet. They mean the world to me, and are often more deserving of my time, love, and care than humans. I mean they will be with you through anything, love you unconditionally, and will stay loyal forever. I finally have started to settle down in LA – getting comfortable that is – and it was time for me to try one more thing. Not that I have anytime to add, but it will replace some of my movie time (GASP!) but dogs and animals in general are worth it. We domesticated them, so it is our responsibly to take care of them. Anyways, I’ll keep you updated about all the dogs I want to adopt and maybe if you are in LA you’ll find one you love too!

My babies :



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