Jack the Giant Slayer: Movie Review

The movie I have been waiting for! Well, sort of. I have been in love with Nicholas Hoult ever since he stared in X-Men First Class, so when I saw the trailer for the movie Jack the Giant Slayer, I knew I had to go opening weekend. This last weekend, I spent my Sunday as usual sitting in my dine-in theater eating a nice Asian chicken salad watching an adventure with Giants, princesses, and a farmer. Another classic fairy tale has a new twist. We all knew what would happen, Jack trades a horse for beans and ends up planting them, then they grow leading to the world hovering above theirs – land of the Giants.

This twist, of course is there a princess. How could there be a love story if there is no leading lady? The story arc is great, with a lot of character development and progress in the plot line. However, towards the end, I felt like I was a little let down. As if the writers had to write a quick battle scene in order to wrap it all up. I enjoyed the parts all the way up until Jack puts on the crown which controls the Giants. At that point, all I can say is “are you serious?” Overall, the visuals were great, and the acting was just okay.


Entertainment Factor: 7.5/10

Acting Quality: 7/10

Plot: 6.5/10

Overall: 7/10

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