Oz the Great and Powerful : Movie Review

Oz – a magical wonderland of evil witches, tinkers and munchkins – was enhanced with the beautiful 3D display of the Oz the Great and PowerfulI had read a few reviews before going about how the plot was decent, but the visuals were what made it worth while. All I have to say, is what terrible acting. The entire time, I just had this feeling like I was watching a mediocre high school play where the characters were told act “giddy” or “cross down stage left.. right… now.” I don’t think I’ve seen a worse acting job by Mila Kunis or James Franco. I do have to give credit to Rachel Weisz who did a pretty good job at the evil witch. I must be rusty on my Wizard of Oz stories because I know of Theodora (aka. the green witch) and Glenda the good witch, but where did Evanora (played by Weisz) come from?

However, that being said once I got over the acting and started to focus on  the actual movie, the plot wasn’t all bad. It had a good story and a great ending. I wasn’t really sure how that part would go, so I was delightfully surprised – even though I think they should have just killed the dang witches. My favorite characters were the little china doll and the monkey – they were so full of character, and the lines that came out of the doll’s mouth were fantastic. It made the whole movie a little more enjoyable.


Entertainment Factor: 7/10

Acting Quality: 5/10

Plot: 8/10

Overall: 6.5/10

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2 thoughts on “Oz the Great and Powerful : Movie Review

  1. There was more James Franco in it than I expected, I sort of thought it was all about the women ( at least maybe I wanted it to be because I am a huuuuuge Rachel & Michelle fan ). Mila wasn’t bad in my opinion, but I feel like maybe it might of been her character you didn’t like, maybe just the writing? idk, i thought she was fine. I didn’t think James was bad though!

    • It definitely could have been the writing or directing that gave it that high school production feel. But it looks bad for them instead of the director/writer.

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