Zero Hour Canceled Already

Zero Hour the new show of three episodes was canceled. It wasn’t one of my favorite shows, but I am sad that I don’t get to keep going. I’ve been waiting to finish the season – don’t you want to know who he really is and who the twelve apostles are? I was interested in seeing how abc would be able to continue the chase for Edward’s wife. Was she immortal as well? What did his parents know?

How can you leave me with so many questions? I guess only 5 million of us watchers would even appreciate these questions. One issue I think it had was the amount of advertising. I only found out about it during a Hulu search on most recent tv shows uploaded. In all honesty, I thought the series had a lot of potential – it came above The Following, Beauty and the Beast, Carrie Diaries, Revenge, and Once Upon a Time in my lists of what to watch. I guess although I’m disappointed in the canceling of the series, I’m glad it happened after 3 episodes instead of 10 leaving me hanging after a long half season wait for answers. Maybe they should try again during a different season where it is up against a different line up.


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