G.I. Joe 2 : Retaliation Movie Review

I feel I should preface this review with the fact, I loved the first one. Not a top 10 favorite of all time, but pretty up there. Although, I feel when you watch movies as much as I do, there never is just an elite group you can’t live without. So if you didn’t like it, then I would think you wouldn’t enjoy this one either. I just happen to enjoy movies full of action – it makes the lack of strategic plot bearable and actually enjoyable.

The first G.I. Joe, starring Channing Tatum, left you with a kick ass G.I. Joe team – enough characters and evil villains for round 2, G.I. Joe Retaliation. That is just what they did. However, to my shock, they rebooted the G.I. Joe team only leaving Snake Eyes. They killed Duke, Channing Tatum’s character, in the first fifteen minutes (if that). Once I got over my disappointment – who doesn’t love seeing CT kick ass while looking yummy? – I really enjoyed the new group except for Contra’s character, Flint. I mean the first cast wasn’t too great on the acting scale, but I still enjoy caring over a few more actors than just the ‘evil’ side – where NO ONE has faces. I enjoyed the double girl power (although their acting skills are questionable) and really enjoyed Dwayne Johnson. I love his movies. He may not be the best actor, but he is amazing and is probably one of my favorite actors. Well, of course, I saved the worst for last – Bruce Willis. I mean come on – I bet they paid him more than any other of the cast members for his few little cameos.

Enough with actors – let’s get to the best part of the movie…. the FIGHTING. WOW! I was entranced, so many times I see movies and I can tell the fighting is fake. That it is all rehearsed – oh he really is two feet that way or they got tired of the scenery.. one… two… three… jump through the window. Granted, there were a few moments during the fight scene between Snake Eyes and his new counterpart Jinx and the Cobra ninjas on the mountain where I felt like I was watching a video game. The special effects were quality – the real gem of the movie. I also learned how not to jump on a zip line, although it did make it look so much more exciting than slowly moving down the line over green trees.

The plot was of course plain and simple, with the twist that the President (or Zartan impersonating him) isn’t the man in power, but just a pawn in the overall scheme. Zartan blames the Joes and Snake Eyes on National TV for killing the Afghanistan president. Giving him reason to terminate the entire unit, send Storm Shadow into the ‘impenetrable’ prison, and release his commander. I don’t know about you, but if I was President and was backed by an evil Army, I’d say screw you Commander I have all the power and this is going down my way. Instead he is killed, while the Commander and Firefly escape. My only question – when is G.I. Joe 3 and which of the Joes are coming back?


Entertainment Factor: 9/10

Acting Quality: 7/10

Plot: 6.5/10

Overall: 7.5/10

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