Featured Dogs for Adoption in LA

So, I know this is going a bit on the side of what I normally do (movies, fitness, personal life), but I feel like a part of me is my love for animals. Namely dogs. They are your best friends and will always love you, no matter what – ok as long as you treat them kindly and feed them.

This initiative of mine started with the most adorable 9 year old chihuahua named Bella. She is the most adorable one I’ve probably ever seen. Is quiet and although you can’t see it here, has no teeth so her tongue adorably is hanging to the side. The problem is, there are A TON – and I don’t mean that in exaggeration – A TON of great dogs at shelters that I wish I could just take home with me. You know be like the guy from the new show Hannibal (for those of you who don’t know, he collects strays). She would make the perfect pet, and although 9 years old she isn’t that OLD. Think about it. If small dogs live to 16 or 18+ years, then she is only halfway through her life. How would you like to be discarded because you started to lose your hair at 40?

So, I have decided to post a new pup that I’m in love with in honor of Bella. Everyone #SaveBella whenever you have a dog you have adopted, seen in the pound, or just want someone to adopt. Let’s start a social media awareness program for dogs just like her. I have been trying to find Bella on the shelter’s website, but if you are interested in the best love-bug tongue sticking out sweetheart, then go to the East LA shelter and adopt her!



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