The Number Station Released April 26 : Movie Review

The Number Station comes out next weekend – April 26th. I’m lucky or I guess unlucky to have gotten to see it today. At first when I saw the trailer yesterday afternoon. I thought wow, that could be good, but I’ve seen no advertising for it – I wonder why. Well… I found out.

It was a very cheaply made movie that had all of four characters and a handful of extras. The story line was interesting, but the execution was boring. I kept wanting to fall asleep or turn it off, but I kept thinking about how I wouldn’t be able to write the review and share with the world my disappointment. If you read my movie reviews often, you rarely will see me destroy a movie. I have some bad parts, but I usually rate it decent as long as I’m entertained and the acting isn’t horrible. Sorry to say – I wasn’t entertained, nor was the acting really good at all.

First, let me explain the movie. Basically, an old CIA agent (John Cusack) starts to be disturbed by killing people – especially when his boss has to kill a young girl witness to cover for him. He gets punished by being sent to baby sit the code reader played by Malin Akerman (from Couples Retreat, the Proposal, and Watchmen). They are under attack and it is Cusack’s job to save them and the 15 CIA agents that the attackers make the previous code-reader broadcast.

Not to bad. Until you watch it.

– SPOILER ALERT! If you are going to see it, DO NOT read the below –

It takes place in one location and you have all of 3 fighting scenes (aka – shooting. bad shooting since it takes two clips to even kill the dude). Together they discover the operator is really one of the bad guys, and they decide to try and stop the broadcast by breaking the code. They do. She gets shot with one more left. He saves the day by reading the last broadcast. They get out (she is unconscious  but alive). He sorta guilt-trips his boss to let them fake their deaths and live happily ever after never doing this again. Boss does. THE END.

BORING! Acting – gross. Plot potential. Horrible movie – don’t see it.


Entertainment Factor: 2/10

Acting Quality: 5/10

Plot: 4/10

Overall: 3/10



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