The Big Wedding : Movie Review

Oh how I love Katherine Heigl and Amanda Seyfried. The Big Wedding, released last weekend was hilarious. Don’t get me wrong. I totally get why the critics ratings were terrible, but I also totally get the 77% of viewers who say go. It was a light hearted, witty, cluster-f of stars. The whole story is about a “crazy” family, but what I got out of it is that they are actually normal. I mean maybe not all families are THAT messed up, but they aren’t off their rockers….. ok maybe a little. I actually thought it was interesting how under-played Amanda was in this as she is probably the only one out of the entire cast that has a consistent streak of great movies out recently. That being said, I do love Robert DeNiro and Diane Keaton in it.

To be honest there isn’t much to say as it isn’t very deep, but I do recommend it. It is a good girls-day-out movie. Just don’t miss the amazing weather for it!


Entertainment Factor: 8.75/10

Acting Quality: 8/10

Plot: 5/10

Overall: 7/10


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