Erased May 2013: Movie Review

So this is one of those movies that was released in 2012 abroad, that I was able to see through my iTunes. Oh how I love you. I wasn’t really into the movie at first – didn’t sell me on the idea he was just an engineer, but he also acts like he has no idea why his company disappears. Hello – you were a CIA agent. Shouldn’t you know?

Anyways, as the chase continues, the kick-ass increases and the story is a bit more believable gripping me to the screen for the completion of the movie. Honestly, I don’t think this will be a big splash in the US. Especially following some of the better CIA/covert affairs type of movies we have had recently. It stars Aaron Eckhart, but other than that there isn’t an actor that shines. The basic story line is that Echart’s character is an ex-CIA agent who’s company and existence is Erased (hence the name). He and his daughter end up forced to run for their lives. When his daughter is captured, he must then pull out all his CIA knowledge and save them both.

I wouldn’t say go when it opens, but iTunes/PayPerView – a great solution to a movieless night.


Entertainment Factor: 6/10

Acting Quality: 6/10

Plot: 4/10

Overall: 5/10



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