The Charlie Story

photo 1

Three weeks ago I fostered two – two week old kittens, Charlie and Lilly. I didn’t share this part with you as it was a bit painful, but Lilly died after a few days. I wasn’t sure why, until I started to read all about kittens and what could happen. Dehydration, starvation, nutrient deficiency, unregulated body temperature  worms, Parvo, Herpies, AIDS, etc. I read all about it making sure Charlie would benefit and live in honor of Lilly’s passing. On Saturday after three weeks of playing, running, and eating healthy, Charlie passed. This is his story.

This now 5 week old kitten weighed in at a whopping .6 lbs. The same weight as when I got him at two weeks. He originally gained about .2 lbs, which was a sign he was doing well. He started to eat what I called mush (wet food with water) and drank out of his bottle. I checked on him during lunch & right after work. He never went more than four hours without eating.

photo 3Plus all through the night (aka – each hour), he’d drink from his bottle or eat his mush. This boy was doing great for his tiny size. On Saturday, his demeanor was no different. Just as happy & energetic as always. I knew he was a bit of a mommy’s boy for being so old, but this comes with the territory of being abandoned at such a young age. So, I went out to dinner with my friend.


I came home two and half hours later to see my energetic baby toppling over unable to say ‘hi.’ He wouldn’t eat or drink, so I rushed him to the emergency vet. I knew he was dying, but I had to try and save him. The vet gave him glucose, hi-calorie wet-food, and IV fluids. As long as I feed him every hour with the syringe, he should be fine after 24 hrs. He was ready to get him all set up to go home, when his heart gave out. We aren’t sure what happened – ring worms is a possibility, but we will never know. The issue with kittens and puppies for that matter is that one spout of diarrhea or vomiting and their body can completely go into negative calorie zone. They usually pass within the hour.

photo 2

I’m lucky that I had my baby for as long as I did. Especially after seeing some 6-7 week kittens at the humane society. Charlie was about a third their size. As always, I want to take something positive out of his passing, so I will be starting a Charlie Fund to help donate food, formula, bottles, and toys to Rescues and the Humane Society in LA. I’ll be starting a site where you can not only donate money towards this, but share stories or get involved by registering to foster or possibly adopt. I hope you share your stories with me now, as losing an animal is always hard no matter if it is a five week old kitten or a fifteen year old family dog.

If you are interesting in donating, please email me at, so I can reach out once everything is set up. If you’d like your story on the site as well, let me know.

Thanks everyone!



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