Featured Dog for Adoption in LA : Nala the American Pit Bull Terrier

A sweet dog found as a stray was brought in on March 21st. She is waiting for her family, but no one has come for her. She is a 6 year old brown brindle American Pit Bull Terrier, who is the sweetest most gentle dogs you’d ever meet. Maybe her old family can’t find her, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be her new family.

She doesn’t seem to react to other dogs, enjoys her treats and sits on command. All she wants is someone to keep her company… and her tummy rubbed of course. She would make an outstanding companion for someone looking for a mild mannered, gentle dog.


If you are interested, her ID# is A1359186. She can be found at the West LA shelter off Pico.


I have decided to post a new pup that I’m in love with in honor of Bella, who was adopted! Everyone #SaveBella whenever you have a dog you have adopted, seen in the pound, or just want someone to adopt. Let’s start a social media awareness program for dogs just like her.


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