The Purge : Movie Review

The Purge – the low budget horror/thriller that killed at the box office opening weekend. A movie I had low hopes for to begin with and high hopes as the reviews came in. Unfortunately, I lost interest in it early on. Not sure why, it seemed like it would have me gripped at the edge of my seat. I love thrillers after all, but as soon as the boyfriend tries to shoot the dad I was pretty over it.

There was a bit of discussion around it being a horror movie vs. thriller, but I really would not call this horror. I think Blumhouse does an amazing job producing movies, but for me it wasn’t the best movie. I believe it was because I watched it at home streaming from my computer on my TV with lights on by myself. This movie seems to be the type that needs a group of friends with the lights out. Making it more of an experience than a movie to turn on while painting my nails.

One thing is, I do love the ending with the neighbors.


Entertainment Factor: 5/10

Acting Quality: 6/10

Plot: 7/10

Overall: 6/10

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