Evidence Movie Review 2013

I rented Evidence (staring Stephen MoyerRadha Mitchell, and Torrey DeVitto) solely because it was pre-theatrical on iTunes and I wanted something to watch. It seemed like your typical murder mystery movie where they solve the crime solely on video evidence. However, not only was I on my toes the entire time trying to figure out which person was the killer, but I was thoroughly shocked the entire time. At moments, I had certain guesses where I would create some impossible scenario in my head, but I was wrong every time. Trying to keep track of all the video pieces was insane. All I know is I was not only entertained the entire time, the editing/treatment was amazing, the acting surprisingly good for something you didn’t think would be, and the twist that will leave you thinking this movie is F’D UP!

Overall, I’d say watch it – definitely try to watch it before it comes down from iTunes, otherwise, it is in theaters July 19th! Enjoy 🙂



Entertainment Factor: 9/10

Acting Quality: 8/10

Plot: 8.5/10

Overall: 8.5/10



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