Pacific Rim : Movie Review

Pacific Rim, aka the movie about men in mechanical suits connecting with each other from a deep mind share fighting aliens that look like animals off the planet Pandora coming from under the ocean. Pretty much if you’ve seen transformers, Iron Man, Pandora, and Battleship you’ve seen this combo movie. Except they throw in a twist a woman warrior…… who of course ends up being the love interest too. I mean outside of the cheesy lines and the really short story line that ends up taking 2.5 hrs to actually get across, it is ok. Ok meaning just rent it.

There was this part about the doctor drifting (aka – memory sharing) with one of the aliens, and therefore it increased the frequency in which they attacked, and they started guarding the portal. However, outside of consistently yelling “it goes both ways” and “he’s coming for you” you never really understand why these occur. Especially since the doctor wants another brain to do it again. So if it doesn’t work the first time and just reaps havoc on the city, let’s do it again so maybe more can come through the bridge… OK. So yes, it is interesting, yes it is another kick alien ass movie, but I’ve seen the movie before, just spread out into four other MUCH BETTER movies.

I was looking forward to this movie, have been for a while now and I was disappointed by the lack of twists and turns and excitement.


Entertainment Factor: 6/10

Acting Quality: 7/10

Plot: 4/10

Overall: 5.5/10

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